Episode 12:  Close Calls: What we want to say and, but shouldn't.  A lesson in silent forgiveness.

 In today's episode, let's share together one short story from two sides of the windshield. From our side and from their side. Let's learn a little bit about love, let's learn a little bit about compassion. Let's explore a little further what a Heart full of kindness might look like.  And where all of this can be applied from the seat of a motorcycle. Stay tuned.

If we're honest with ourselves and you've ridden enough miles you know very well that we sometimes have close calls. What do I mean by close calls? Well, it's when someone turns in front of you or someone drifts into your lane and you know very well  that someone who's either looking at their phone or they just doesn't give a darn about a person riding a motorcycle. you're convinced of that. you're mad. Sometimes you want to chase them down and curse them out For threatening your life.

 but I know you. you looked at a title of a podcast called Peace Love Moto. you listened in at least once to find out that it's not about being angry at the person or being angry at the world. you realize that you've been given a tremendous gift. somehow you got a motorcycle in the garage. maybe you come from a wealthy family who helped you pay for it or maybe you saved and earned enough money to make a down payment. but somehow you have a gift in the garage and you appreciate it.

 I know you because you  realize that that motorcycle has saved you at times. it has taken you to places where your mind  and body can relax. Some of you achieve the ultimate out on your bike. some of you achieve peace of mind, At least for a little while.

 I know you because the word love in the title of a podcast didn't scare you away. you realize that love is about Putting yourself in someone else's shoes. it's about taking into account that you don't know all the details, you don't know what's going on in the life of somebody else. it's all about caring and kindness.. it's about Acts that show you care. it's about smiling at someone when you don't really have to. It's about opening the door for someone who's struggling. It's about paying someone's tab. It's about going over the top with a waiter's tip.

 In today's short episode, let's share together one short story from two sides. from our side and from their side. Let's learn a little bit about love, let's learn a little bit about compassion. And where all of this can be applied from the seat of a motorcycle. stay tuned.

It was a fabulous Friday afternoon, the six of us met up early and rode our motorcycles into the mountains. We rode over to Nederland, Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and we visited the Carousel of Happiness  and took a ride on the classic handmade carousel. We had a nice coffee at the train car coffee shop then hit the peak to Peak Highway to carve the twisties down through the canyons and over the mountain tops. just having a blast. 

We decided we'd head on down into the valley.  We cruised down Highway 34 following the Big Thompson.  There was very little traffic this time of day, We followed that endlessly curving Road pushing the speed a little bit. We know what we're doing. been down this road many times. we're careful, enough.

Once we reach loveland, we take a left on Wilson Avenue and start heading north. Our next destination is howling cow coffee. Yeah maybe we were riding a little bit too tight and close but it felt great and more importantly it looked great.  it was just when we were reaching the intersection, at the light, that it happened.  The very close call.

We most certainly had the right of way. how could she have turned in front of us causing us to slam on her brakes and narrowly missing each other and the ditch.  She looked right at us when she turned. she looked right at us! yeah we were going a little bit fast but surely she could have been paying enough attention to know that she didn't have time to safely turn in front of us.

Then to top it off she just kept on driving. she didn't stop to see if we were okay she just kept on driving. we pulled off at the next place where we could check in with each other. a few of us were a bit shaken up. but we just Struck it up to idiot drivers. There were a lot of idiot drivers and there was one more.

She never expected her life to turn out this way. She knew when she married him that he had a mean side. She thought that after the first child he would become a good dad and be kind to her. She When their next child was born 3 years later. but it just got worse.

Her hope was that today, Friday, would be the day when it would all stop and she could get on with her life with her two kids. no one was available to take care of them when she had to go to court. she had to take him along and ask someone to watch after them for a few minutes while she tried to get through this last argument about who would have what.

Her world was completely shaken and as her attorney escorted her to the car and some run from the courts help put the babies in their car seats she really wasn't sure if she should drive. but she just had to get home.

It was near that intersection when with perfect timing both babies begin to cry. she cried too. when she turned left and heard the sounds of squealing tires and honking horns. she looked right at them. she was so sorry. she knew she could have hurt somebody. but she was already so hurt inside that she didn't want to face anyone who was going to argue with her again. so she drove home.

We never know what's going on in the life of someone else. yeah it very well could be an idiot that turns in front of us or drifts into our Lane, but it may also be someone whose life has just shattered. it may be someone who needs to see a little bit of compassion, like even a friendly wave of indicating that it's okay, all is forgiven, don't worry.

It's really easy for us to get angry at those drivers who don't seem to care. but I think we have to take a very bold step and assume that by controlling our emotions and better yet showing forgiveness, maybe just maybe that driver will be a little bit more careful and care a little bit more about  you and me on our motorcycles.

 Thank you so much for joining me today. I wish you peace. I wish you love.