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About the Peace of Mind we seek and sometimes find from the seat of a motorcycle. 

Brief insights on riding, relationships and random acts of kindness along the way.

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My hope for this short episode is that you can ride your motorcycle to your own place of Serenity.  To stop, relax, take in the scenery, and know that, at least for that moment, you are the luckiest guy or gal in the world, and all is well with your world.

Serenity Coffee, Riverside, Wyoming

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It was two days after my motorcycle broke down in the Nevada Desert that I made the recording.  It’s actually a video where I described how everything was going great, until it wasn’t going so great.  Most importantly, I shared my feelings at that moment.  Not a feeling of despair, or disappointment that my motorcycle journey had ended so abruptly.  Instead, it was about feelings of overwhelming gratitude.  Gratitude for a world just full of people who will help a stranger in need.  This time, I was that stranger and I was in need.  

In today’s episode, I’ll share with you the raw, unedited audit that I captured that day back in the Nevada Desert to where my bike broke down.  My hope is that you’ll hear it in my voice, the gratitude that I felt toward so many good people, who came to my physical and emotional rescue.

A trip of a lifetime.  How often have you experienced that?  Today, we travel to New England and visit with Pat, Greg and Scott from Moto-Cyco Touring Adventures.  I so enjoyed talking with these guys about the amazing motorcycle tours that they offer.  Now I have an addition to my personal touring bucket list.  You may too!


The Sheriff's Officer said that her name is Laura and that he would try to keep an eye on her.  But unless she broke the law or got hurt, I think there was little he could do.

My intent for today’s episode was to celebrate the great success of this past Sunday’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.  It was fabulous, but I feel the need to share with you the experience that I had out in the country on my motorcycle.  I saw Laura.

On Sunday, May 19th, 2024, I’ll see love in this world.  I’ll feel it.  And so will over 100,000 motorcycle riders.  On Sunday morning, literally around the world, there will be a Global hug.  An expression of love for those we know and also a love for total strangers.  Maybe you’ll even feel it from wherever you are.  A warmth from human connections.  Hearts beating together.  Am I being a bit over-dramatic?  No, I don’t think so.  I’ve seen it first hand.  I’ve felt it.  It’s real. 

“Windows of Opportunity”.  We assume that there'll always be time for this or that until there is no time left.  Whether it’s planning our next motorcycle journeys or sharing a coffee with an old friend, in today’s episode, let’s share some ideas for making every Window of Opportunity count.  Today's quote is from Ben Giese from Vanha Magazine.   

Miguel Oliveira is amazing and so is MotoGP in which he competes.  Today I share my experience attending the 2024 MotoGP races at the Circuit of the Americas with my longtime friend, Kent.  We talk about the bikes, the riders, their families and our own.  

Jeff Johnson said "I’m drawn to open country.  It’s where everything becomes clear.  It’s where the world makes the most sense.  When I put myself out there, I always return with something new.  The best journeys are those that answer questions that in the beginning, you never thought to ask". (2010 - 180 Degrees South)

Whether it’s imagining yourself as a cowboy, or some kind of adventurer, riding a motorcycle takes us to a new space and time.  It’s hard to explain, isn't it.  As for me, out on the lonely dirt roads up in the mountains, often standing on the pegs and riding slowly, yep, I’m a cowboy.  

Just like Jeff Johnson said in that movie, I too am drawn to open country.  Out there, the world does seem to make the most sense.  

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass: it’s about learning how to ride in the rain! We have to ride with some degree of confidence that all will go ok in the end.  If we were scared all the time, well, we’d probably just sell the bike and switch to pickleball.  Nothing against pickleball, but as for quitting? We won’t do that.  

We love motorcycling too much.  It means too much to our heart and soul.  We accept the fact that we don’t have 100% control in motorcycling, or in life for that matter.  And that’s OK.  Maybe that’s the best part! 

Courageous people.  People who step out when others won’t.  Those are people that we call heros.  I had heard about such a person.  And when I learned that she also has a passion for motorcycling, well that’s someone I really wanted to talk with.

Kirsten Midura is a change agent in the environmental and social good spaces.  Professionally, Kirsten is a career consultant in sustainability, renewable energy, and marine conservation, with experience in nonprofit, corporate, and startup environments.

In her spare time, Kirsten runs Engines for Change, a nonprofit that uses motorcycles as tools for environmental and social good. She is an avid motorcyclist, diver, sailor, writer, filmmaker, photographer, and community-builder. The common thread? Everything she does is driven by a cause.

I’m excited today to share with you my conversation with a true hero.  Kirsten Midura.

Kirsten's Website:

The Peace Love Moto podcast is a proud supporter of Engines for Change -

See all of the opportunities to contribute in the Episode 49 Transcript notes at:

The"Biker Wave" with the left hand comes in several forms ya know, but to me it means just one thing.  It means that you care.  And that is what the Peace Love Moto podcast is all about.  It’s about spreading the good news that riders do care for that total stranger who’s also out on two wheels.  You may be out on a solo ride, in the middle of nowhere, but just about guaranteed, if another motorcycle rider is coming your way, you’ll see a wave.   And once you see that wave, and you respond back, then yes, you've got a friend.

Some folks say that you can never go back in time.  But I think we can.  As a child on my first motorcycle, I was moving through the air with a motor and two wheels under me.  Wandering from place to place with just the sound of the bike and the open road ahead of me.  

You and I can do that now!  Why not go back in your mind to a wonderful place and time.  Your happy place.  Your Luckenbach, Texas where there "Ain't nobody feelin' no pain".  On your next ride, go there!  So will I.

I had to learn to be quiet.  Because that’s when Mother Nature can speak to you.   In today's episode, we talk about riding East to the plains of Nebraska, meeting a rancher with an amazing story, and then experiences with quoting from James Taylor in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Motorcycles are a perfect transport into a conversation with your mother.  Mother Nature.

I could hear those motorcycles coming my direction.  They had to be going fast!  Echoing down through the canyon on that steep dirt road.  There’s no guard rails up there!  Slide off the road and you're a goner.  Coming my way.  Coming really fast!  Those engines screaming.  Two KTM’s roared up and parked near my bike, right next to the outdoor table where I was having breakfast up there in that mountain village.  2 matching KTM 500 Enduros.  The riders, also in matching KTM off-road racing gear.  Klim adventure helmets as I recall, neck braces, KTM jerseys, enduro pants and boots.  Oh yes, these two were pros.  They knew how to ride. 

And the shock that ran threw me when they pulled their helmets off….?  Wow, you’ve got to be kidding me!!!    Ha ha, I’ll tell ya about it.

We’ve just got to slow down sometimes, now more than ever.  No, I’m not warning against riding fast, I’m referring to the speeds that our brains and emotions are built for.  With 24*7 news cycle, constant social media updates, work stress.  Now we’ve got Artificial Intelligence creating more and more content out there to absorb, like Youtube videos that are clearly not narrated by humans, and much of the content is either inaccurate or at best misleading I think.  We can’t keep going at that pace and keep our sanity anyway.  

Fast all the time is not good for us.  I firmly believe that.  We’re not made for that.  So when we’re on our bikes, just pick a place sometimes and stop.  Turn off the bike.  Be quiet.  Look around.  That’s hard, but I’m convinced that it’s worth it.  Let’s talk about it.  Thank you for joining me today!

What music do you hear in your head when you ride?  The Doobie Brothers?  Pearl Jam? John Denver?  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

For me, it’s any one of those music styles, playing over and over in my head as I ride, but for yesterday’s ride, about a 300 miler, the song in my head changed multiple times.  I didn’t have a plan for this ride, but I felt compelled to ride for a few hours, out into the open spaces.  Yesterday, I needed the road time.  Maybe to un-clutter my head.  And guess what?  It worked.

My grandmother was Nettie Mae.  That’s a beautiful name, isn’t it.  A little lady, full of spirit.  I remember when I was a kid, 10 or 11 years old, going fishing with her way out in the country near Blue Ridge, Texas.  She drove my cousin and I in an old pickup truck out to the fields where our grandfather was working, usually driving a tractor.

I didn’t realize that what I was experiencing was a picture perfect moment.  Maybe we as motorcycle riders need to keep our eyes open for those picture perfect moments, because we probably are exposed to those with every ride.

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Are you planning a motorcycle trip to Colorado?  Maybe visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park region?  Oh, we need to talk.  Ha ha.  This is my 25th year of living and motorcycling all around Northern Colorado. This is a great place to ride!   As a tour guide in the National Park, spending a lot of time up in the mountains, I have gotten to know of those really special places that are not in the guidebooks and I love sharing the info with you!  

You and I know that when you take a trip by motorcycle, the real fun of your vacation begins not when you’ve reached your destination, but it begins as soon as you back you motorcycle out of the garage.  We are so lucky as riders that the fun begins right away.  That’s what you’ll find as you ride to these destinations that I’ll be describing, cool places that are a whole lot of fun to ride to and these places are relatively unknown, and I don’t know why.

Be ready to take some notes because today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite hidden cafes, porches, coffee shops and maybe a couple of surprises, all to be found here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Thank you for joining me today!

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Late November and that means it’s Thanksgiving holiday here in the US.  Hard to believe that 2023 is beginning to reach its close.  It’s been snowing the past couple of days here in Loveland, Colorado.  Time to browse through our motorcycling magazine and plan for rides on those nice days coming up.  

Yeah we do have a lot to be thankful don’t we.  This motorcycling thing that we’re so crazy about, what a gift. Maybe now it’s good timing to reflect back on some stories and interviews we’ve shared these past weeks.  

Seems that it wasn’t that long ago that we reflected back on the first 20 episodes, starting with breakfast with a stranger on Route 66.  I had no idea.  No idea, that conversation in Gallop, New Mexico would turn as it did.  I’ll never forget that man.  That was Episode 1. 

So if this podcast is new to you, maybe start with Episode 20 to hear summaries of the first 19.  But for today, let’s talk briefly about where we’ve been starting with Episode 21.  Thank you for joining me today!

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Young riders pick a destination and go.  Old riders pick a direction and go.  That's good. I get it. 

Henry David Thoreau talked it way back in the 1860s, this idea of wandering.  As motorcycle riders, we have the freedom to wander aimlessly, and nobody’s going to question us about it.  Some of us feel compelled to do that as we ride.

We don't always have to be going from point A to point B. We don’t always need to be accomplishing something.  What we do need is peace of mind, freedom of both mind and body.  Wandering around without a specific destination in mind can be amazing.

Where will your motorcycle take you? Let’s talk about it. Thank you for joining me today!

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There are lots and lots of things we love about motorcycling and for me, an overarching thing that I most appreciate.  Motorcycling is real.  There’s no Virtual Reality.  There’s no AI.  Nothing Artificial going on here.  For those of us fortunate to have a motorcycle in the garage and the ability to ride it, …. Wow, we are just so lucky!  I think that riding is not so much an escape from reality.  Riding motorcycles returns us to reality.  And for that, we can be very grateful.

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It was there, boarding our motorcycles onto the ferry, that the fellow next to me pulled off his jacket to reveal a t-shirt that not only caught me by surprise, but made me laugh.  We struck up a conversation right away.  His black t-shirt had a simple slogan on it that said “Go Fast, Don’t Die”.  Oh, now that’s genius!  I get it!  I’m sure that statement could be interpreted in many ways, but for me it means, do what you can, while you can.  I guess, live life to the fullest.  Mindfulness helps!  Do what makes you happy.

I love the feedback and want to hear from you!  Here’s my request.  Send me an email:    Thank you!

Go Fast Don't Die

Brett Wilson:

I had stopped for lunch in a tiny mountain town here in Colorado when he rode up on this unbelievable motorcycle.  I know that my first word to Charlie was “Wow”, followed by “What kind of motorcycle is that”? 

He briefly described how this bike was handcrafted in Indiana with some of the fabrication done by the local Amish community.  Yes, you heard right.  The same Amish folks that you see using buggies pulled by horse for transportation.  You talk about a beautiful, well made machine!

I had to get to know this guy and beg for a chance to ride his Janus Motorcycle.  That’s spelled Janus.  A bike like I’ve never seen outside of a history book.  Not only did I get to spend an afternoon riding with Charlie high up in the mountains, he let me ride it!  Oh, that was cool!!!

I’m so excited today to share with you an interview with my new friend, Charlie Hansen-Reed, Design Engineer with Janus Motorcycles in Goshen, Indiana.  This was a fun conversation.

Contact Mitch, Charlie and the crew at Janus Motorcycles at:
(574) 538-1350

Do you know what I love about riding motorcycles with friends?  Everything!  As the old Christmas carol goes, “Oh what fun it is to ride” and so it was just this morning, riding with two great friends through the twisty mountain roads here in Colorado, reaching our destination which was the Howling Cow Cafe at the Morning Fresh Dairy in Bellview, Colorado.

Today we continue with Part 2 of my conversation with Doug Logston of the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association.  And yes, Doug was one of the two guys I rode with this morning.  If you’re wondering “Is Doug a good motorcycle rider”.  Yes, yes he is.  Doug is very good!

As I have described in previous episodes, a large credit for the idea for this podcast, Peace Love Moto, is due to the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an international fundraiser for men’s health issues focused on prostate cancer research and suicide prevention.  

I described how this event is attended by men and women, all dressed up in dapper outfits, all with the common heart for raising money and awareness for these important issues that impact thousands of men throughout the world. 

I also mentioned that this past year, I was honored to be the host of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride event in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I met people with hearts the size of our Colorado Mountains.  One such person, is our guest today.

Not only was Doug Logston the first place fund raiser for our Fort Collins event, I also learned that Doug is one fascinating guy, including being the State Director for the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association!  It’s such a joy to present to you my interview with my new friend, Doug Logston.

Melissa and Brett Wilson described how it’s about gratitude, it’s about appreciation for our ability to ride because of how much you love it!  Today, we continue with Part 2 of our conversation with Brett and Melissa as we find ourselves amazed by the parallels between motorcycling and horseback riding.  Both transport us physically, yes, but also emotionally and even Spiritually.  We’re calling it, Views from the Saddle.  Thank you for joining me today!

So now, let’s get back to Views from the Saddle, our conversation and the conclusion of our visit with Brett and Melissa Wilson.  

Well, I’m so grateful for that visit with Brett and Melissa.  Ya know, when I’ve been asked what the Peace Love Moto Podcast is all about, sometimes I say it’s just about joy.  The joy we feel doing what we love to do, just being out riding, and sharing a smile with a stranger along the way.  Yeah, as simple as that.

As always, thank you for spreading the news about this podcast.  You can simply Google the words Peace Love Moto Podcast and you can find it, or go to  

Until we meet again, I wish you peace.  I wish you love.

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Brett Wilson:

When someone asks me to describe what the Peace Love Moto podcast is all about, I simply say that it’s about the peace of mind that all of us seek, and some of us find, from the saddle of a motorcycle.  Well today, you’ll hear a slightly different approach for reaching that same goal, peace of mind.  

Brett and Melissa Wilson are extraordinary people.  Yes, they too, seek that peace of mind that we all seek from the saddle.  But their saddles are attached to horses and its simply amazing to learn what motorcyclists and horseback riders have in common.  

I know that you’re going to enjoy this part 1 of a two part conversation with the hosts of the Mountain Zen Den Podcast, Brett and Melissa Wilson.

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I call this episode “Motorcycling with Your Eyes Closed - Don’t let this happen to you”.  Of course we ride with our eyes open!  What a silly thought.  We motorcycle riders are hyper aware of everything going on around us.  We make sure that the car we’re approaching sees us.  We watch for wildlife crossing the road.  We’ve got to be careful because our health depends on it.  

But this past week, my eyes were not as open as they should have been and I regret what I didn’t do.  Maybe it’s a lesson for all of us. 

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My dog, Sally, doesn’t know that it’s Wednesday.  She has no plans for tomorrow.  She doesn’t even have plans for today.  She’s just in the moment.  

Right here beside me, right now, life is good.  And to her, that’s what matters.  Living in the moment. It’s not that she doesn’t care about what’s going on in the world, she’s just unaware, and maybe that’s normal.  Maybe you and I should learn something from that when we take our next motorcycle ride.

Music by: Brett Wilson

I think I know you.  You’ll talk to a stranger.  You’ll ask someone parked on the side of a lonely road if they need help.  When you see a little kid looking through the car window at you on your motorcycle, you’ll wave and you love to see that kid’s smile as they wave back and tell mom and dad about you.

In today’s episode, I'll introduce you to Fred (pictured).  We’ll talk about why being kind to strangers is so important to the entire motorcycling community.  We’ll describe forms of kindness, different ways of showing that motorcycle riders are really good people, and then we’ll talk about why your actions as a rider, really impact all of us all.

Welcome to Part 2 and the conclusion of my interview with Rob Hamilton, the motorcyclist, musician and very popular Youtube content creator in Australia.  

Rob Hamilton’s work is amazing.  Rob takes us with him and his motorcycle for a visit with Mother Nature at the Speed of Life.  No complexity here.  No use of Artificial Intelligence.  With more than 177 thousand Youtube subscribers with video view count currently of over 13 million views, Rob’s moto camping videos are like nothing you’ve ever seen.  This is Art.  It’s about enjoying our passion for motorcycling and embracing the wonders of Nature, all without saying a word.  

Connect with Rob at:

In this age of shock and awe films that bombard our senses with sights and sounds, how can these motorcycle camping themed Youtube videos be so successful?  They’re not fast cuts between mind-blowing scenes. There’s no AI involved here.  And this also isn’t what they term “Slow TV”, where we’re watching a lack of activity until we are put to sleep.  

No. This is Art.  This is real, and that’s why, with more than 177 thousand Youtube subscribers with watch counts currently over 13 million views, he’s still not out to fool us, or convince anyone of anything. 

Rob Hamilton, the motorcyclist, musician and photographer in Australia, just takes you and I along with him through real journeys at the “Speed of LIFE”.    As Rob describes his videos, he simply says it’s a “Complete audible camping experience.  No talking, just you, me and the sounds of nature. And that’s what certainly grabbed my attention when I first stumbled upon his amazing work and became a fan.

Connect with Rob at:

When we were kids, we played.  Remember?  Going outside to play?  My mother or dad would answer the phone, not a cell phone but the one built into our house, and a kid on the other end of the line would say “Can Ronnie come out to play?”  Today, you and I sometimes get a call or more likely a text saying “Want to go for a ride?”   In other words, sometimes my buddys Martin or Brian calls to ask, “Hey Ron, can you come out to play?”

That’s the beauty of this sport we love, isn’t it.  Yes, it’s transportation and a cool means for travel, but if you’re like me, it’s the same play that I experienced in my childhood.  When we go out for a ride, we go out to play, sometimes alone and sometimes with our friends, and that’s a beautiful thing.  What a gift to be able to do that!

In today’s episode, we’ll reminence for a while on a mindset that maybe we don’t think about as often as we should, especially as the responsibilities of life add up.  Going out to play with our motorcycles.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it!  It is!  Let’s talk about it.

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In today’s episode, we’ll talk about balance, both on the bike and in life.  As any experienced motorcyclist will tell you, staying loose and relaxed on the bike makes you a better rider and it keeps you more safe than being all tensed up.  Yeah I get that.  But, what’s it mean to stay loose in life?  

Back in the Saddle Again sung by Gene Autry

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It was a cold and rainy Saturday when I met him.  Not a good day for motorcycling for most people, but as I walked around Fort Collins MotorSports, just looking at bikes, I met this genuinely friendly guy, Dan Cardonne, who as I learned, is a kindred spirit.

We got to talking about our love for riding motorcycles and walked me to the back of the shop where he showed me the motorcycle that he rode to work, in the rain!  Yep, I knew that this was a guy I wanted to get to know.  

You are in for a treat.  The following is a record of my conversation with Dan about this sport that we love, riding motorcycles.  I know that you’ll enjoy it. 

Contact Dan at Fort Collins MotorSports

(970) 498-8858

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Here we are for Part 3 and our final Episode about Planning a ride to Estes Park, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain National Park region. 

Now today’s Episode is what you may consider your Bonus Material, or Extra Features like what we used to get when we would purchase a DVD.  If you’re a rider who really enjoys putting in the miles in order to see as much of the Rocky Mountains as possible, well this is the Episode for you! 

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Here we are for Part 2 of Planning a ride to Estes Park, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain National Park region. In this episode, we will explore the more traffic-free backroads and I will share my favorite stops along the way. If you haven't already listened to Part 1 in Episode 21, I highly recommend listening to it first. There is some very important information there about timing your trip for the best experience. 

Here in Part 2, we’ll take a lesser known route from Loveland Colorado to Estes Park, up a the very twisty backroad that take us up sharp switchbacks, which open up to an amazing vista of Long's Peak, the Continental Divide, and the village of Estes Park. In addition to the history, wildlife, and geology of the area we’ll talk about how to ascend Fall River road, then join the world famous Trail Ridge road onto the Continental Divide then down the other side to Grand Lake. 

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Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay

Planning a ride to the Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park region? Ready to reach the Continental Divide?  Well, this is the episode for you!  

Here in Part 1, we’ll discuss When to go, Where to go, and How to reach those exceptionally amazing locations.  In Part 2 next time, you’ll get even more details on the history, wildlife, and geology of the area, as well as coffeeshop and restaurant recommendations.

I’ve motorcycled in and around this area for 25 years.  I’m also a Tour Guide in the National Park so I have some secrets to share with you that will make yours a trip of a lifetime!.  It’s a fantastic place to see, especially from the seat of a motorcycle.  After literally hundreds of journeys through both Estes and Rocky, as we locals call them, I think that I’ve learned the best times to ride there, where the best destinations are and best routes to reach them by motorcycle.

After these two podcasts, you should be well equipped to have a fantastic trip.  Also, I’m planning to offer a free live Zoom meeting where you can ask your questions about traveling by motorcycle out here, and we can have a nice chat.  More news coming on that!

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As we've reached episode 20 of the Peace Love Moto podcast, well, I’m having a ball, I’m really enjoying this because folks who ride motorcycles and even those who don’t, tell me they like it.  Thank you for the positive feedback. I especially hope that you enjoy this 20th attempt to shed a positive and meaningful light on the sport that you and I love, riding motorcycles, spending time outside, and meeting strangers along the way.. 

Now with the podcast being streamed on several outlets including Apple podcasts, Google podcast, Audible, iHeart Radio and several others now, I want to first say thank you, then I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on those first 19 Episodes.

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This past Sunday, in 107 countries, 104,000 motorcycle riders raised over 7 million dollars through the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride with the sole purpose of supporting men's health, focused on Suicide Prevention programs and prostate cancer research.  It was a blast and that is very good news if you needed to hear some today.  That’s a glimpse of Global Peace.  That’s a peek into what Love looks like.  And in this case, all from the seat of a motorcycle.

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It was the cover of the book that caught my attention. This beautiful old BMW motorcycle in front of a barn.  It’s title almost scared me away though.  “Shop class as Soulcraft. An inquiry into the value of work.”  Yikes!  That sounds deep. And indeed it was, but it reminded me of many truths. Could that be related to this Mindfulness thing, that everyone keeps talking about? 

Maybe now more than ever, we should consider the importance of working with our hands, maintaining our own motorcycles, then going out for a ride in the real world that’s all around us.   Hum…. Thank you for joining me today!

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Lawrence of Arabia, the movie from 1963 starring Peter O’Toole, won 7 Academy Awards.   TE Lawrence was the real “Lawrence of Arabia”.  Yeah that was a real person.  An amazing man who had an adventurous life.  He was an avid motorcyclist and he said this:  “When my mood gets too hot and I find myself wandering beyond control, I pull out my motor-bike and hurl it top-speed through these unfit roads for hour after hour”. This was a man who understood that riding a motorcycle made him happy.

Today, in the short, but reflective time together, we will consider what our motorcycles mean to us. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just getting started, I hope that this episode will give you a new appreciation for the gift of riding.  The Gift in your Garage. Thank you for listening!

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Today we continue with Part 2 of my interview with my hero, Mark Hawwa, the founder of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.  Be sure to first listen to Episode 15 for Part 1 of this fascinating interview.  My goal is to someday shake Mark's hand, give him a hug and just thank him for all the great things that he and his organization have done for men just like myself. 

Music:Music by

A lot of people in this world have a very good heart.  Other people come up with great ideas.   One man was gifted with both, a good heart and a great idea, and a global social movement began. 

Beginning  in 2012, held only one day a year, The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride boosts participation from over 100,000 motorcyclists in more than 100 countries around the world, collectively raising over 37 million dollars for men’s health issues including suicide prevention and prostate cancer research.

I can honestly say that the idea for this podcast, Peace Love Moto, and its purpose, came from the values set forth by the one man. It’s my joy today to share with you Part 1 of a two part interview with my hero, Mark Hawwa.  Founder of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.


Episode 14:  Over and over in this podcast I repeat the same message. We ride motorcycles because it makes us happy.  It just does.   Many of us also are thrilled by the opportunity to meet strangers along the way.  Our hope maybe is that we can say something that has a positive impact on their life.  Sometimes, if we're really lucky, we'll meet a stranger who quickly becomes a dear friend and touches our lives.

In our episode today I'd like to invite you to listen in on a conversation between two motorcycle riders who became friends. Martin Bates is not only an excellent rider but he and his wife Janie are also activists who have touched the lives of so many people. Martin is a veteran and a very positive light in a sometimes dark world.  Stay tuned for our full conversation. 


Episode 13: In an earlier episode I spoke about the adventures of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. I described how they rode their motorcycles on three epic Journeys around the world. Often referred to  as the “Long Way”.  What I didn't share with you was what their inspiration was.  His name is Ted Simon.

Ted Simon is a British journalist and writer who is best known for his motorcycle journey around the world, which he documented in his book "Jupiter's Travels", then many years later he repeated that journey perhaps in a quest to relive those earlier memories.  To go back in time.


Episode 12: In today's episode, let's share together one short story from two sides of the windshield. From our side and from their side. Let's learn a little bit about love, let's learn a little bit about compassion. Let's explore a little further what a Heart full of kindness might look like.  And where all of this can be applied from the seat of a motorcycle. 

Music Credits:

Linux_Music by Pixabay

Episode 11:  This week I had the privilege of talking with the Editor and Chief of RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring and Travel.  Wow, what a wonderful visit with a wonderful guy!

Florian Neuhauser is indeed a gentleman and such a pleasure to talk with.  He literally grew up in a family with a passion for motorcycling, for travel and for photography.  He, his family and his organization continue to have a great deal of pride in attention to detail as demonstrated by the quality of their work.  You know that the publication has high standards when it becomes known as the National Geographic of motorcycling publications.

RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring and Travel is not only about motorcycle  information and destinations, but as Florian describes, it's all about the story. Stories about connecting with people, with nature and as I mentioned, beautiful photography.  I know you will enjoy this full length interview.

Learn more about Florian and RoadRunner here:

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Episode 10:  If you have not followed the "Long Way..." series of motorcycle documentaries by actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, you should.  They are fascinating!  Today, we’ll take a deeper dive into concepts and practices of risk management while preparing for your next motorcycle adventure.

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Episode 9: What do people think of us when we’re out on our bikes, or if we are recognized as motorcycle riders when we’re off the bike?  That impression hasn't always been good in the eyes of the General Public, but I firmly believe that there are people changing that image.  That's you and me.

Glen Campbell sang "You've got to try a little kindness, just shine your light for everyone to see".  How can we show others our light through kindness from the saddle?

In today's  episode, we will explore how the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is just one example of making the world a better place through motorcycling.  We will hear an opinion about how NOT to be popular, and finally, how to make someone's day.  Your day!

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Episode 8:  George Harrison of the Beatles wrote "Give me Peace" and "Give me Love".   With a Podcast called Peace Love Moto, you do pay attention to such lyrics.   We'll also look at the career of MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi and learn the secret to his winning record.  It's about both the left and the right, and we're not talking politics.  Finally, we examine physical and emotional challenges, and how motorcycling just might be part of the solution we're looking for.  

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Episode 7: My original intent was to go for a motorcycle ride just before recording each podcast. Due to a coffee-related hand injury (no kidding!), the plan had to change.  Today, our focus turns to gratitude, love for others and perhaps what Peace Love Moto really means.

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Episode 6: Riding a motorcycle through the mountains on the way to a favorite cool little coffee shop here in Colorado, well it just doesn't get much better than that. In today's episode we'll take a virtual tour over the Peaks and through the valleys of the Rocky Mountains to reach the coolest coffee shops I personally visited in the past many years. 

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Episode 5: Riding a motorcycle transports us physically, but when the stars align just right, the bike may also transport our spirit as well.  In that state of mind, distractions disappear and a new feeling of bliss takes over as the hours and miles on our bike roll by.

In this week's Episode, we share two stories about the transformative power of bliss.  We will be transported to our Happy Place and that's a might fine place to be.

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Episode 4: After seeing the movie "On Any Sunday" as an 11 year old, I was transformed.  I fell in love with motorcycling.  Little did I know what impact that riding would have on my outlook on life.  In this week's Episode, we discuss the movie that many say inspired them to ride.  We also read the lyrics to the movie's theme song that so graciously captures our passion for riding.

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Episode 3: How is your relationship with Mother Nature?  "Mother Nature”.  Do you feel surrounded by her right now, or far from her?  In today's Episode, we ride to a remote road and unexpectedly fall.  No harm, but certainly interesting.  Then we ride into Rocky Mountain National Park following the guidance of James Taylor as we gaze upon one of Mother Nature's masterpieces.

Episode 2: Forrest Gump Point is a real place in Monument Valley.  In the movie, it's where Forrest Gump stopped running.  In this episode, we will take a virtual ride to that spot in the road.   While Forrest needed to run, Neal Peart of the Canadian band Rush, needed to ride.  Neil's true life challenges required movement to sooth them.  In his book "Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road", Neil states "My little baby Soul was not a happy infant…, with much to complain about.  But as every parent learns, a restless baby often calms down if you take it for a ride".

Episode 1:  Motorcycling solo on Route 66, I met a poor man in Gallup, New Mexico.  I thought I could help him by inviting him to share breakfast with me.  Instead, he had priceless wisdom to share with me.   He taught me about Peace of Mind and how we should all be happy with what we already have.  I will never be the same.

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