Episode 14: Martin Bates - Motorcycle rider, activist, and one wonderful friend.

Over and over in this podcast I repeat the same message. We ride motorcycles because it makes us happy it just does     and many of us also are thrilled by the opportunity to meet strangers along the way our hope maybe is that we can say something that has a positive impact on their life. and sometimes if we're really lucky we'll meet a stranger who Who quickly becomes a dear friend and touches our lives by the things they have to say.

In our episode today I'd like to invite you to listen in on a conversation. a casual conversation between two motorcycle riders and two very good friends. Martin Bates is not only a an excellent motorcyclist but he and his wife Janie are also activists who have touched the lives of so many people. Martin is a veteran and a very positive light in a sometimes dark world.  Stay tuned for our full conversation.