Episode 6:  Your Peak to Perk Tour

Riding a motorcycle through the mountains on the way to a favorite cool little coffee shop here in Colorado, well it just doesn't get much better than that. In today's episode we'll take a virtual tour over the Peaks and through the valleys of the Rocky Mountains to reach the coolest coffee shops I personally visited in the past many years. 

 Before we get started on our journey I could share with you a tip that I think is very helpful   In the past I would carry with me into the shop my phone and earbuds so I could sit there and listen to music enjoy my coffee but so enjoy the opportunity to talk with a stranger that I'll take a  book or a magazine instead. that way if Someone comes by and notices my motorcycle helmet and gear maybe they'll strike up a conversation. you never know who you're going to meet out there right.

 It reminds me of a funny thing that happened when my wife and I were visiting Hawaii. I got up early one morning and walk down to a tiny little coffee shack  right on the beach. I ordered my typical favorite a vanilla latte and just stood there and waited and waited and waited. of course I was in no hurry but neither were the Baristas it seemed. I Heard a Voice from behind me and it was a gentleman that was sitting at One of the three or four tables that was in the Little Shack. he said " you may as well sit down because it will take a while. they are very slow here.  that turned out to be a very interesting conversation. 

That man was dressed in the way that anybody else would dress in hawaii.  A cap, t-shirt shorts and sandals. We began to talk and he asked me where I was from and I told him Colorado. he asked me if I like to ski and where I like to ski so I told him all about my favorite spots. He mentioned that he liked to ski also when he was back  on the mainland. I asked him where it was and he named this Ski Resort which didn't sound familiar to me. I asked him why do you like that spot and why is that your favorite. He said well it's because I own it. hahaha you never know who you're going to meet when you talk to a stranger.

A year or so ago I got so enthusiastic about these little coffee shops and the routes I like to ride to get there so I created a little website dedicated to that. we'll have a link in the description but it's called Moto coffee stops.com. you'll see pictures  and descriptions along with maps of one or more routes that I like to ride to get there.

 we'll begin in our home base of Loveland Colorado. We'll start riding West on highway 34. Just a couple of miles before we entered the foothills, we'll make a stop at one of my all-time favorite stops and the one I probably frequent the most because it's nearest to my home.   Jamocha Joe's. Yes it's a bit of a strange name and it is a wild and crazy little drive thru shop right off the road. the owner is Christine, one of the nicest people I know.  You'll see Christine's picture in the photo on motocopy stops.  Jamocha Joe's Is a small Shack underneath huge trees. Jamocha Joe's is the self-proclaimed Soul center of the universe. It's a genuine hippie shack. Park your bike out front and step up to the window to order your specialty coffee smoothie or snack. I especially love their burritos. then relax in the 1970s vintage seating underneath the huge shade trees ah now this is how to enjoy a morning.

Next will continue West on highway 34 and you'll quickly notice what we call the foothills. These are ridges that grow in size as you continue West until these turn into genuine mountains. Now I'd like to point out that there's a very special shop that you'll pass by after you go through the very tight turns we call the narrows. This shop is called the Colorado Cherry Company. This store has been in the same location for over 60 years.   depending on how much space that you have on your bike here you can pick up a cherry cider or even a cherry pie for the road. Here's a little secret. The manager of the shop is one of the most wonderful  ladies I have ever known. I love her dearly. She is my wife karen. 

 Now in a follow-up episode that will be providing much more detail about this trip I'll skip the details for now and we'll head over into Estes Park. At Estes Park we're going to be looking to our right for the Stanley hotel. The Stanley Hotel is quite famous for many reasons but most prominently for being the inspiration for  The Shining by Stephen king. inside the Stanley Hotel you'll find another location for the Colorado Cherry company. and this little shop sells all sorts of varieties of snacks and coffees. One of my favorite things to do is to get a vanilla latte, then take it out on the front porch of the Stanley Hotel and look across the valley  to view the Continental Divide. 

From Estes Park we are going to connect to what we call the Peak to Peak Scenic byway going south. again I'll be describing this in detail in a later episode but it is absolutely beautiful by the way be sure and have your camera ready. we'll follow connecting roads to finally reach the little mountain town called Nederland. here we'll find train car coffee. This little coffee shop is built literally within 1800s Circa train cars. Be sure and order a bag of freshly made Donuts and don't forget the powdered sugar.  Right next to the Train Car coffee is the Carousel of Happiness. This indoor carousel was made single-handedly by The Loving Hands of one man Scott Harrison.  I plan to have an episode dedicated solely to Scott and this amazing place that he created.

Finally We're going to turn to the Northeast to reach Lyons Colorado and The Barking Dog Cafe. Between Boulder and Estes Park, Lyons Colorado and the foothills of the Rockies is all about cool Vibes and friendly people this is the place to stop along Highway 36 for a fresh homemade meal and mellow latte. The Barking Dog Cafe is a direct reflection of the feel of lions. laid-back. it's frequented by locals and tours you certainly get a  Peaceful Easy feeling that won't let you down. 

Well that's a bit of an abbreviated episode this week I know. But if you get a chance check out my website Moto coffee stops for pictures and more details about these cool little stops. thanks so much for listening I wish you peace I wish you love