Episode 11:  RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring and Travel

Several year ago, I believe it was at a Barnes and Nobel bookstore when I first saw it.  In the rack was a magazine that really drew my attention.  The cover burst with color and the motorcycle and rider in that photo with that amazing backdrop really caught my eye.  I took it home, read it cover to cover and immediately subscribed.  I’ve been a subscriber and huge fan ever since.

I'm so excited about this interview.  Today I had the privilege of talking with the Editor and Chief of RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring and Travel.

Florian Neuhauser is indeed a gentleman and such a pleasure to talk with.  He literally grew up in a family with a passion for motorcycling, for travel and for photography.  He, his family and his organization continue to have a great deal of pride in attention to detail, the quality of their work.  You know that the publication has high standards when it becomes known as the National Geographic of motorcycling publications. 

RoadRunner motorcycle touring and travel is not only about motorcycle information and destinations, but as Florian describes it's all about the story. Stories, connecting with people, with nature and as I mentioned, beautiful photography.  I know you will enjoy this full length interview.  Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for sharing on the Peace Love Moto podcast, I so appreciate it!

The “National Geographic” of motorcycling publications.

I think I’ve been a subscriber since 2017 but I was picking it up long before that.  Love it!  I first saw it on a magazine rack.  Maybe at a Barnes and Noble.

I must admit, before reading an article, I jump to the end to find out what kind of bike was ridden, the gear used, etc..  Even maps and hotels and restaurants.  Such practical information.

Among many qualities, your publication really seems to focus on wonderful photography.  I believe that comes from your parents' original occupations, right?

I would assume that you have to have a unique perspective to the sport and culture of motorcycling, compared to those of us who work a different day-job and motorcycling is our outlet.  Is going out for a ride different for you?

So, the Peace Love Moto is centered on the Joys of the riding experience and our connection with others along the way.  

Peace as in the Peace of Mind that we find when we ride.  The troubles of the world, our burdens, etc.. melt away, at least for a little while.  Wondering if you could describe a situation or journey or location where your time out of the bike was personally meaningful?

Love as in a deep appreciation for Nature and passion for meeting others, whether or not the others are motorcycle riders.  I mention in the Podcast that I love to talk with people at coffee shops, or out in the middle of nowhere.  Can you share one such unexpected connection that you’ve made from the road?

I’m reading now in the current issue the article by John Flores with his travels based on the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” by Robert Persig.  Love the photography.  It seems that a “spirit of adventure” is an underlying theme.

Your reach has certainly grown beyond the physical magazine, right?

I’d love for you to share a plug for your online magazine, the app, your tours.  

Thank you again for taking this time to talk with me and sharing with the listeners of Peace Love Moto.  This is my first interview.  I appreciate it so much.  I wish you, your family and the staff all the best success in the years to come!