Episode 16:  Mark Hawwa - A Distinguished Gentlemen - Part 2

It's the world's largest motorcycle charity event held in more than 100 countries and thus far raising over 37 million for Men's Health focused on suicide prevention and prostate cancer research. 

Today we continue with Part 2 of my interview with my hero, Mark Hawwa, the founder of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.  Here is a glance back to Part 1 in Episode 15….

Thank you for listening today to the second and final portion of my interview with my hero Mark Hawwa the founder of the distinguished gentleman's ride.  I must admit that I was a bit nervous it may have been evident in the recording. I just so admire Mark and his Organization for what they've done.   

My goal is to someday shake Mark's hand, give him a hug and just thank him for all the great things that he and his organization has done for men just like myself. Again thank you for listening and for telling your friends about the Podcast. So until we visit again, I wish you peace. I wish you love.