Episode 24: He knows why you need to ride. An interview with Dan Cardonne

It was a cold and rainy Saturday when I met him.  Not a good day for motorcycling for most people, but as I walked around Fort Collins MotorSports, just looking at bikes, I met this genuinely friendly guy, Dan Cardonne, who as I learned, is a kindred spirit.

We got to talking about our love for riding motorcycles and walked me to the back of the shop where he showed me the motorcycle that he rode to work, in the rain!  Yep, I knew that this was a guy I wanted to get to know.  

You are in for a treat.  The following is a record of my conversation with Dan about this sport that we love, riding motorcycles.  I know that you’ll enjoy it.  Stay tuned!

….No transcript of the live conversation….

Well, once again, I’m overwhelmed by the positive spirit of motorcycle riders that we meet along the way.  Dan Cardonne is a great example of a motorcycling professional with not only a great deal of experience, but someone who genuinely cares about those who want to learn more about this passion that we have for riding.  Contact Dan through Fort Collins Motorsports in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Thanks Dan.  You are a good man!

Thank you for listening.  Until we visit again, I wish you peace, I wish you love.