Episode 27: Rob Hamilton - Part 1. The Art of Motorcycling Experiences.  No talking needed.

In this age of shock and awe films that bombard our senses with sights and sounds, how can these motorcycle camping themed Youtube videos be so successful?  They’re not fast cuts between mind-blowing scenes. There’s no AI involved here.  And this also isn’t what they term “Slow TV”, where we’re watching a lack of activity until we are put to sleep.  

No. This is Art.  This is real, and that’s why, with more than 177 thousand Youtube subscribers with watch counts currently over 13 million views, he’s still not out to fool us, or convince anyone of anything. 

Rob Hamilton, the motorcyclist, musician and photographer in Australia, just takes you and I along with him through real journeys at the “Speed of LIFE”.    As Rob describes his videos, he simply says it’s a “Complete audible camping experience.  No talking, just you, me and the sounds of nature. And that’s what certainly grabbed my attention when I first stumbled upon his amazing work and became a fan.

I’m so excited to share with you today my interview with Rob Hamilton.  Speaking from opposite sides of the globe, I knew instantly that this passion for motorcycling that so many of us share connects us all no matter where we are.  And Rob most certainly knows how to connect us as a global community of those who love our bikes and the outdoors.

Let me welcome you to part 1 of my 2 part interview with Rob Hamilton.  Stay tuned!!!

Start the intro, then cut of off…..

OK, ok.  I screwed up.  I’m doing this because Rob, my guest, told me to.  So here ya go Rob.

There are at least 2 things an interviewer MUST do.  First, to press the record button before the interview starts.  That I remembered.  Second, you MUST call your guest by the right name!  UG>>>>  As you’re about to hear, I called Rob by the wrong name and he insisted that I keep that in this Episode.  

Oh man…  It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault!  It was a Saturday and I had just bought a new motorcycle, so yeah I was excited about that and excited to meet Rob.  Also, before we started recording, Rob and I were talking about Mark Hawwa, the founder of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride who Rob knows personally there in Australia and who I interviewed for the couple of months ago.  There is also the actor, Mark Hamill who as everyone knows was Luke Skywalker in Star Wars!  So with all of these factors, my excitement about my new my bike, Mark Hawwa and Mark Hamill, that I called Rob Hamilton, Mark Hamilton.  

OK Rob, as you insisted, I left it in, starting with my massive mistake.  OK, here we go!