Episode 32:  Views from the Saddle: An interview with Brett and Melissa Wilson

Ya know, when someone asks me to describe what the Peace Love Moto podcast is all about, I simply say that it’s about the peace of mind that all of us seek, and some of us find, from the saddle of a motorcycle.  Well today, you’ll hear a slightly different approach for reaching that same goal, peace of mind.  

Brett and Melissa Wilson are extraordinary people.  Yes, they too, seek that peace of mind that we all seek from the saddle.  But their saddles are attached to horses and its simply amazing to learn what motorcyclists and horseback riders have in common.  

I know that you’re going to enjoy this part 1 of a two part conversation with the hosts of the Mountain Zen Den Podcast, Brett and Melissa Wilson.  Stay tuned!


Did you hear that?  When we pause, we realize, just how much we love it.  It’s about gratitude.  Horseback riders and motorcycle riders, we have a lot to be grateful for.  What joy riding gives us.  

This is where we pause my interview with Brett and Melissa for this Episode, but return with us next time when we continue to learn how, if we’re lucky, we find that peace of mind from the saddle.