Episode 34: Meet Doug Logston:  The Motorcycle Sport Touring Association and More!

As I have described in previous episodes, a large credit for the idea for this podcast, Peace Love Moto, is due to the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an international fundraiser for men’s health issues focused on prostate cancer research and suicide prevention.  

I described how this event is attended by men and women, all dressed up in dapper outfits, all with the common heart for raising money and awareness for these important issues that impact thousands of men throughout the world. 

I also mentioned that this past year, I was honored to be the host of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride event in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I met people with hearts the size of our Colorado Mountains.  One such person, is our guest today.

Not only was Doug Logston the first place fund raiser for our Fort Collins event, I also learned that Doug is one fascinating guy, including being the State Director for the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association!  It’s such a joy to present to you my interview with my new friend, Doug Logston.  Stay tuned!

Music by Julius H. from Pixabay

Music by Olexy from Pixabay