Episode 49: Kirsten Midura - Changemaker and Motorcyclists

There are good people who recognize a problem in our world and they say, “oh someone should do something about that”!  Pointing out problems is easy isn’t it.  That’s easy.

Then, there are others who agree, “yep, that’s a problem” then they proceed to do something about it.  Courageous people.  People who step out when others won’t.  Those are people that we call heros.  I had heard about such a person.  And when I learned that she also has a passion for motorcycling, well that’s someone I really wanted to talk with.

Kirsten Midura is a change agent in the environmental and social good spaces.  Professionally, Kirsten is a career consultant in sustainability, renewable energy, and marine conservation, with experience in nonprofit, corporate, and startup environments.

In her spare time, Kirsten runs Engines for Change, a nonprofit that uses motorcycles as tools for environmental and social good. She is an avid motorcyclist, diver, sailor, writer, filmmaker, photographer, and community-builder. The common thread? Everything she does is driven by a cause.

I’m excited today to share with you my conversation with a true hero.  Kirsten Midura.  Stay tuned!


Well I so enjoyed getting to know Kirsten, learning about what she’s been involved with these past years, but I also learned about how very kind she is.  I know that you recognized that too.  She genuinely cares about our Mother Nature and about Humanity.  I hope that you’ll join me and our Peace Love Moto community in making a donation to Engines for Change.  There is good work being done here and I’m so happy to contribute.  I know that you will too!

As always, thanks for listening.  I wish you peace.  I wish you love.

Music by Bretty Wilson: Mountain Zen Den
William_King from Pixabay

Geoff Harvey from Pixabay

Kirsten's Website: https://kirstenmidura.com/

Want to be a Changemaker?  Consider donating!

Engines for Change:  https://www.enginesforchange.org/ - Our mission is to build and foster a community of changemakers who use motorcycles as tools to address today's most pressing global issues, and to provide education and resources that informs and inspires others to make a difference in their own ways.
Rebels With a Cause - Pakistan humanitarian tour
Be Nice Rally - Bay Area event supporting Tiba Foundation and their Boda Girls (women moto taxi riders)
Bright Future Kenya - Delivering food, medicine, and clothing to street children and families in slums throughout Kenya
Ride My Road - Using motorcycles and photography to support survivors of human trafficking
Motorcycle Missions - Using motorcycle builds to help veterans and survivors of domestic abuse address PTSD
Twende Solar - Partners for the Peru solar project