Episode 15: Mark Hawwa:  A Distinguished Gentleman starts a charity - Part 1

You know, a lot of people in this world have a very good heart. Maybe they would tell you that they were brought up that way; to show love and respect for others, because… that’s just what you do. 

Other people in this world come up with great ideas. Ideas that  turn into Great business ventures that the whole world buys into. Apple, Triumph, IBM, Nike, Tesla, just to name a few.  

One man was gifted with both, a good heart and a great idea, and a global social movement began.  Beginning  in 2012, held only one day a year, The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride boosts participation from over 100,000 motorcyclists in more than 100 countries around the world, collectively raising over 37 million dollars for men’s health issues including suicide prevention and prostate cancer research.

I can honestly say that this podcast, Peace Love Moto, and its purpose, came from the ideas set forth by the one man who started it all. It’s my joy today to share with you Part 1 of a two part interview with my hero, Mark Hawwa.  Founder of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.  Stay tuned. 

Well my friends we've reached the end of part one of our two-part interview with Mark hawa. Before We Gather again next week for the conclusion of this interview please go to Gentleman's ride.com and consider either joining the ride on May 21st or sponsor a rider. As we have described in the interview the funds raised in this one day event support men's health issues including Suicide Prevention and prostate cancer research. if you're able to join a local ride sign up! I will personally be the host of The Ride in Fort Collins Colorado. if you may consider sponsoring me, that would be wonderful! my name is Ron Francis and you can search on the website and find me there participating in the Fort Collins ride. thanks in advance. so until we meet again and continue our conversation with Mark Hawwa, I wish you peace I wish you love.