Episode 36: Episode 36: Wow! Charlie at Janus Motorcycle hears that a lot. An interview with Charlie Hansen-Reed.

I had stopped for lunch in a tiny mountain town here in Colorado when he rode up on this unbelievable motorcycle.  I know that my first word to Charlie was “Wow”, followed by “What kind of motorcycle is that”? 

He briefly described how this bike was handcrafted in Indiana with some of the fabrication done by the local Amish community.  Yes, you heard right.  The same Amish folks that you see using buggies pulled by horse for transportation.  You talk about a beautiful, well made machine!

I had to get to know this guy and beg for a chance to ride his Janus Motorcycle.  That’s spelled Janus.  A bike like I’ve never seen outside of a history book.  Not only did I get to spend an afternoon riding with Charlie high up in the mountains, he let me ride it!  Oh, that was cool!!!

I’m so excited today to share with you an interview with my new friend, Charlie Hansen-Reed, Design Engineer with Janus Motorcycles in Goshen, Indiana.  This was a fun conversation.

Contact Mitch, Charlie and the crew at Janus Motorcycles at:
(574) 538-1350