Episode 28: Rob Hamilton - Part 2. The Art of Moto-Camping Experiences. No talking needed.

Welcome to Part 2 and the conclusion of my interview with Rob Hamilton, the motorcyclist, musician and very popular Youtube content creator in Australia.  

If you’ve not already listened to the first part of this interview, Episode 27, I would encourage you to do so to gain some important insights to where we’ve been in this conversation, but also, as a bonus for listening to Part 1, you’ll hear my massive mistake, where I committed one of the deadly sins for a Podcast interviewer.  One that my guest would not allow me to edit out.  Curious?  Check out part 1 in Episode 27.

Rob Hamilton’s work is amazing.  Rob takes us with him and his motorcycle for a visit with Mother Nature at the Speed of Life.  No complexity here.  No use of Artificial Intelligence.  With more than 177 thousand Youtube subscribers with video view count currently of over 13 million views, Rob’s moto camping videos are like nothing you’ve ever seen.  This is Art.  It’s about enjoying our passion for motorcycling and embracing the wonders of Nature, all without saying a word.  

Thank you for joining me today.  Stay tuned!

Here, we’re picking up our discussion about the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, founded by Rob’s friend in Australia, Mark Hawwa.  The DGR as we call it focuses on fundraising and raising awareness of men’s mental issues including suidice prevention and prostate cancer research. We continued our conversation…

Well, there you have it, a conclusion to my interview with Rob Hamilton, one of the most gifted content creators on Youtube.  Thank you so much Rob, and my hope is to meet and even ride along with Rob someday.  

We’ll pause the podcast for a couple of weeks as I take in some motorcycle journeys into Nature myself.  Some multi-day trips are in the plan which I’m super excited about.

So until we visit again, thank you for listening!  I wish you peace.  I wish you love.